Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linux OS

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linux OS – What is Linux? Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages, Linux is one of the open source operating system on Device that has been widely known to the world. The Linux Operating System is under the GNU (Gnu Not Unix) license. The GNU license gives all Linux users the freedom to copy, or even change the source code even if it is legal under the GNU license.
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Linux OS

Then What Advantages of Linux OS :

  1. Free to use, no need money to have it.
  2. Many windows applications also exist in Linux OS for free.
  3. Can be dual mode with other Operating System.
  4. More stable and smooth.
  5. Have a community all over the world.
  6. Low risk of Virus
  7. There are many options like Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, etc.
Above are some of the advantages of Linux OS, for you who are interested please try it. Can dual boot with windows if you just want to feel the Linux OS. Behind that Linux OS also has some Disadvantages, Well what are the shortcomings please refer to the following.

Disadvantages of Linux Operating System :

  1. Many Users are not familiar with Linux.
  2. Users or users who are familiar with windows will be confused with the system and directory structure on the Linux OS.
  3. Installation is not as easy as Windows.
  4. Not many Linux applications are as good as applications in windows.
  5. Need to study hard to learn Linux to get used.
Well, still interest with Linux OS? If you are a person who is busy with work and no time to learn Linux, better leave. But if you have at least a month to learn Linux yes this very recomended. You also can install Linux for dual boot with Windows, so you have dual OS in yo.ur Device. Is one of them have problem you can still accest with the other

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