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Adventures of Dwarf apk , The game is a journey of dwarf. The Dwarf must discover the world, and must pass so much threats to run to target world. On his road, he can kill all enemies by jump on head or shot when obtain the weapon (The weapon is hidden in somewhere).

Download  Game Android Adventures of Dwarf app

Adventure of Dwarf Download Free

These games dwarf trip. Dwarves discovered the world, should have the need to go through a lot of threats from the world of management target. Along the way, when they get a weapon (the weapon was hidden somewhere), you can kill all the enemies by jumping on top of the head and shot.It is said that all 10 levels of the game you have to beat the BOSS, to buy some items, you can collect coins in the game to pass the easier levels. 

If you are a fan of Mario, you will not be able to miss the game. The game is all the memories online.This game will take you to the sensation of past games when Mario Bross is very famous in the game Nintendo’s most widely played by children that era. Nostalgia will make you surprised by permainnan that looks more modern and more cool and very exciting.

How to Play Game Adventures of Dwarf Android:
Left, Right: move left or right, courtesy
Down: an attempt to enter the area code in underground pipe
Button: fast or moving, when to have a gun, you have one shot
B Button: The Button for Jump

Feature Game Adventures of Dwarf:
– There is a world 4. Each world contains 20 levels
– There are 4 1 Boss in the World

If you want to give advice to Android Application Adventures of a Dwarf to become even better and more smoothly to run please contact the developer Adventures of Dwarf android app to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Android applications so that application developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your application directly.

System requirements:

  • Android 4.0.3 version,
  • Size 20 MB
  • Offline (not need to be connected to the internet)
Download Adventures of Dwarf Android
Download Game Android Adventures of Dwarf apk


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