Adware Definition : Types, Function, Source, Effects And Removal

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Adware stand from word “Ad” which means “Ads” and “Ware” means “software/program”. Basically Adware is an advertising program that functioned to benefit all parties. But lately Adware “Advertising Software” is more defined as the major provider and source of malware “Malicious Software”. It is dangerous if have other types of Viruses such as Spyware, but in general Adware only annoys users by forcing with display to many ads. Thus sometimes users do not know if their device already infect adware products without the knowledge of users.
Adware Definition : Types, Function, Source, Effects And Removal

What are the Functions and Benefits of Adware?

Adware itself has the benefit of give information that a user may need with relevant ads, while advertisers benefit from users using their products, and advertising distributors get benefits of the ads being displayed to user. The problem with Adware is now considered a dangerous destructive device. Sometimes the ad dealer is not to be responsible to the user by force to using an obscure advertising product and some time product advertiser that may have harmful viruses for the user’s device whether it’s a Windows PC, a Linux, an Android Smartphone. that’s why adware is considered a virus now.

Adware – Based Device Type:

Adware PC/Laptop Windows

Adware PC/Laptop Windows Linux
Adware on PC is usually infect through the Software Installation and Downnload Install Extensions on Browser by abuse user careless in selecting the content searched. Lots of ads that exist when doing activities on the Internet, many of adware come from it.

Adware Android Smartphone Mobile

Adware Android Smartphone Mobile
On Smarphone or Mobile device this adware can come from an application that will activate the advertisement when user run that app. Sometimes there are even applications that directly download a program other applications with the reasons additional features of the application, actually many of them are fake. There are also ads that appear when performing activities on the Internet by injecting show ads when user browsing on internet. It is not a danger that could threaten user systems and devices as long as Android is Un-Root (even in Root) and for Rooted android itself should request user access when an application runs a program will ask requiring access to modify files on the System Smartphone .

Adware Sources and How To Get Infected With Adware :

Installing Software

Installing Software Adware Source
The most frequent how user device infect/attack by Adware is self-negligence in the installation of software is lazy reading and less cautious. Actually not all ads are viruses that are harmful to users device, so do not interpret as if the product is Malware (malicious software) harmful to the user’s device. Some ads basically have benefits for users, unknown installations are usually sourced from users’ inadequacy when performing an installation on a program.

Downloading Files / Browsing On the Internet

Adware Downloading Files / Browsing On the Internet
Browsing on the Internet becomes a necessity to get information or get the required files. Some Website display an ads them web, sometimes there are types of banner ads, text, popups and even redirect ads that will take the user into the ad provider site. Here also requires the user’s accuracy to distinguish between advertising and content. Ads are often made to resemble content so that not understand users will access and confirm such ads.

Adware Effects – Impact To Your Device :

Adware Main function is to show ads to users and not mean to damage the system. But keep in mind is that some advertisers may include products containing malware and spyware that intend to hack (theft of data) or brick the user’s device, so that any type of advertising there must also be pay attention by the user’s.

Useless Program (Interfering)

Useless Application from the unconscious Installation of program some advertising product will be very annoying because in addition to make the device work more hard because sometimes new applications will show more advertising by offering others ads.
Adware Effects - Impact To Your Device
Example :
– Antivirus from some ads are useless give attention to fake virus and make the computer work slower because that’s application running on background
– Automatically installed brwoser extensions so that the Serach Engine on user browser is forced to use one particular Search Engine, example user force use Yahoo, Ask or other Search Engine.


Brick of the user device system in order to benefit from a particular product offering for the repair itself.


Includes programs capable of spying on user activity, can steal user data and information that may be misused by irresponsible people.

How To Avoid, Block And Remove Adware :

1. Block Adware by Using Trusted Antivirus

Antivirus is powerful enough to handle Adware, although the Anti Virus does not consider Adware as a dangerous Virus but by using antivirus will be more secure because if there is an installation program that is not realized the installation will be immediately deleted and thwarted by Antivirus. As well as Internet protection when entering a site that may be dangerous will be automatically given a warning even can also be directly blocked to access the site.

2. Avoid Adware by More Careful

This point comes from within the user who is more careful when installing a program must be read carefully and distinguish which ads and which content. Usually when installing the software there are ads that will be installed if the user does not do a Custom Installation that causes the user in addition to install the program in question also do the Software Install unknown program because it is less thorough and in a hurry during installation.
If you are browsing the Internet, visit a trusted site to avoid sites that brutally attack users with bad and excessive ads. Avoid excessive sites in showing ads, but do not use Adblock because that’s where publishers or website owners get revenue from their public writing activities that users can use for free

3. Delete – Remove Adware

Check the apps that are installed on the computer, usually adware app that source of ads when the device is connected to the Internet. By detecting an application that uses internet access but is not very useful then the program can be suspected as a source of Adware. Uninstall apps that are suspected of being a source of adware, but be careful not to misinform Uninstall that can cause your device to become chaotic.

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