Air Attack 2 Apk v1.0.5 – Free Download Android Game

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Air Attack 2 Apk v1.0.5 - Free Download Android Game


Air Attack 2 Apk v1.0.5 - Free Download Android Game
Air Attack 2 apk is Game Android with the type of game Arcade Action where you will adventure against enemy aircraft using the fighter you have. In this game you will be brought back to World War II where you will fight the best use must protect your castle from enemy attack. You also have a mission to destroy the enemy with a shot that you have.
With image quality in games that have animation is very high then certainly needed types of android were pretty good for meminkan game android this.But do not worry for those of you who have android with less tengguh specifications for HD android game play. On android game AirAttack 2 there is a menu to adjust the quality of the animation so you can shrink gamebar quality of the game that makes this game to be played smoothly on Android you have.
Immediately the best ride you have to destroy the castle tower musu that have dangerous shooters, cannons and bombs are terrifying enemies that can explode at any time. Challenge your friends bermian this game and do not give compassion to be able to beat you on the battlefield fighter.

Features found on android games AirAttack 2:

  • There are 22 stages of adventure that you can complete and the mission very much that it is difficult to count on the fingers.
  • Building and property that can display 3D animation effects when crushed
  • There are more than 30 Instrument which will accompany your adventure
  • There are missions that can be done in a day to get a better prize
  • Can choose 5 Aircraft to be used
  • Can create and design a fighter that you have become stronger and have a variety of weapons that can be tried
  • The light effects and explosions very realistic


Cool is not, android game with the type of games such as air does have a strong enough appeal to be played. Game types such as this usually makes you addicted to the level provided in the game. As well as the selection designed aircraft capable also make this game more exciting and interesting.
If you want to give advice to AirAttack 2 Android Android game become better and more fun to play please contact AirAttack 2 android game developers to get a response back from the advice you give. You can also report bugs in the game AirAttack 2 so that application developers will give advice as well as repair and update the game to you directly.


Download Android AirAttack 2 Free Game

Specifications Android AirAttcak 2 Apk:
Android    = Varies
Apk size    = 12MB (Apk File) + 314MB (Data File)
Game type = Arcade Offline

Free Download Android Game AirAttcak 2 Android

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AirAttack 2 Android game so that I can share today. To get the other free Android Games Newest Android please click the Game. If you have difficulty to install AirAttack 2 an application you can leave comments on this article. You can also contact Admin Aziu. If you want to order the game or reports that there is a dead link AirAttack 2. Thank you for your visit Full APK Z Website. Stay tuned to our post for the latest information regarding Android.

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