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Aralon Sword and Shadow HD APK + Data Obb – To tell the truth, I just found out if there is a game with another Aralon title other than Aralon Forge And Flame. But if viewed from the graphics can be concluded game Aralon Sword And Shadow aralon game series that first out of the series Forge And Flame. The depiction of his character looks blurry, but frankly more comfortable to see.
Indeed, face characters in Forge And Flame more assertive and detailed, but so strictly impressed even stiff and weird hehee, so less able to enjoy the gameplay. Believe me, I’ve spent tens of minutes experimenting on Forge And Flame, so that the characters look cool and nice in the eyes, but the results still seemed less.

Download Aralon Sword and Shadow HD APK + Obb Data

Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Apk - Free Download Android Game
Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Apk - Free Download Android Game
Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Apk - Free Download Android Game
In this game, available three race options that can select player at the beginning of the game begins. They are Human, Elves and Trolls. All three have a different look, and perhaps also with their status in battle. If the fairy nations differed only in the appearance of the longer ears and tapered than humans, the Trolls were much different from the two races. Trolls have a larger body posture with sticky teeth sticking out and horns.
Not only the race, the player can even choose the gender of the character that the player will play. Choose what girl character guy? And afterwards, the player will choose the type of class that will be useful when in battle. There are 5 types of classes, namely Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Ranger, and Mage. With weapons specifications and different capabilities.
The last is to make an appearance of the character that the player wants to play, There are 3 things in character appearance, that is hair color, hair style and face shape. It does not affect in gameplay anyway, but it certainly affects the mod player that plays it. Some players like me, prefer to control game characters with cool looks.
Speaking of graphics problems, this game turned out to have a graphic that is not less good with the Forge And Flame series. The landscape of the scapula gives a quite realistic impression. And thankfully, this game is very smoothly I play on my Samsung J5. So worh it really to be played. Size includes a small, the existence of the game world of open world and does not require HH specifications are high.
For business control, everything went smoothly and responsively. Maybe some players need to adjust it in the settings to be more comfortable to play. If you want to make a suggestion that Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Android Game be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Android Game so that Game developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your Game Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Application Android directly.
Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Apk - Free Download Android Game

System Requirement Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Games:
Android Version  = 2.3 And Up
Size                        = 7 MB (Apk File) + 269 MB (Data Obb)
Game Type           = HD Adventure Offline
Rating                    = 3+
Free Download Android Aralon Sword and Shadow HD Apk + Obb Data
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