Blade And Soul Mobile Android | Blade & Soul II Apk Release Date

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After nearly two years of North American and European versions of Blade & Soul, NCSoft announced its sequel, Blade & Soul 2. This game was announced at the NCSoft media event held a few days ago. Interestingly the developers say that the game sequel featuring cool characters will be released for mobile platforms only!

Blade And Soul Mobile Android | Blade & Soul II Apk Release Date
Blade And Soul Mobile Apk Release Date

Previously the developers themselves announced Blade & Soul M, a game developed directly by the team that developed the PC version. But NCSoft own party said Blade & Soul II will be different from the previous mobile project. Even the development team is different, so both will appear as separate mobile games and not interrelated.

The developer still has not given more details about the game system itself. But I think this game will be the best MMORPG for mobile! Because of the Asian characters and nuances of the promotional video above, it is enough to give an idea of ​​the theme and graphics of the game this time. According to the developers, this game is almost completely finished and awaiting its release date in 2018. Ready to fight?

Apparently this game will be released for Android and iOS, see the potential of mobile games is now more promising because karen can be accessed anyone and anywhere. Moreover Blade & Soul game control is full of action that is very close to the typical action game on the mobile. The more curious as to what this game?

Blade And Soul Mobile Android | Blade & Soul II Apk Release Date
Blade And Soul PC Vesrion

Blade & Soul itself is an MMORPG game about martial art and inner power science. Players will act as fighters who seek identity to take revenge on their college. The player’s main goal is to be the strongest fighter. This game itself shows four different races, each of which is capable of mastering a certain martial arts.

For more information, we just wait for the good news from NCSoft. Its release in 2018 will also be bebarengan with AION Mobile which is also done by NCSoft.

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