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Enigma Point Click Adventure – I point and click game Retro! I do not want you, or secret room escape game? Want to start a new journey of adventure WW2? Enigma: point and click adventure, nature, no, a new point and click adventure game where you have to solve secret Enigma machine escape to dissolve the occupied territories, mind-bending puzzles and puzzles, mystery and falls up to travel around Europe since the Second World War secret agent of old -2. Silence!
The house is on fire! Being a spy, you can order a secret code using logic, talk, collect items, solve the puzzle to puzzle. Sometimes you have a small thieves, sometimes dressed as soldiers of the enemy. escape, dialogue is important objects, hidden – all men and women adventure game! Spy adventure designed specifically for mobile devices / mobile and will flow through the game without the hiccups frustration. taking and click game of the old school soul adventure games like Day of the tentacle in Monkey Island.

Download Game Android Enigma: Game Petualangan Apk

Download Game Android Enigma Point & Click Adventure Apk


Game Android Enigma: Game Petualangan Download
Exceptional mission structure, absolutely amazing, the graphics are charming and clever, subtle work is fun now and click adventure games for boys and girls! Solve the puzzle using logic mind-bending, looking for things, to hide them in a list, together, talk to NPCs to solve the mystery and escape the enemy. The solution was on the horizon, but first you must lead. Indie production will make you feel. witty dialogue, in many places all orders. Walking around, playing dead, as a spy or a thief, playing all the roles we need to go back to Enigma codebooks forces at all costs!
● Each group of three episodes + bonus mini-games and hidden object.
● amazing – breath plot
● Big Game dialogue
● attractive graphics and music
● memorable any characters
● devious puzzles and puzzles
● chapter for Escape
● Completely free – no registration, no problem, just download and play!
 Background story:
It was the year 1943 – years before D-Day. The Second World War! During the Nazi-occupied Europe. During the battle for victory in front of the east, the fight against the Soviet Union, which made the opposition in Poland and the rest of the occupied nemadlelandawonye. Nazi Enigma cipher uses two secret calls to send troops. I do not know if they are breaking the mathematics assistants machine code. For sent by the Enigma code required to read books. The book Warsaw, and were able to send in London – and began the story. You – as an agent / spy secretly, the old order – somewhere safe parachute drop behind enemy lines, but everything goes wrong. the plane was shot down by AA guns everywhere in Germany, with a little luck, you can escape the burning plane and now, in the middle of enemy territory in order to fulfill the mission. Old starts talking about – to find a book with a code secret and win the war
If you want to make a suggestion that Enigma Point & Click Adventure Android Game be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the Enigma Point Click Adventure developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Android Game so that Game developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your Game Application Enigma: Game Petualangan directly.
Enigma: Game Petualangan Apk
System Requirement Enigma Point & Click Adventure Android :
Android Version  = 4.0.3 And Up
Size                    = 37 MB
Game Type          = Adventure Offline
Free Download Android Enigma Point & Click Adventure Apk
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