Gangster Theft & Escape v1.0 Apk – Free Download Android Game

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Gangster Theft & Escape APK By Splinter Entertainment ( – Enjoy the crime, violence and robbery of a gangster epic theme! A mixture of Crime City games and a game of Gangster! Playing in the gangster team, he even overcomes the streets of a huge robbery history. Crush and kill. Be prepared to fight and attack the enemy defense police, innocent people and police. Turn in a peaceful city in the city of sin. Are you going to spoil the precious crown, detective in the city to take the course leader thieves. As the robbers play against the police to fulfill the mission of robbery. Get to know notorious big criminals, you fight tough targeted missions, you are inevitable police chases and get the security to prevent your abilities. Use your sniper weapon to kill one that comes in your way. Fly the plane, jump on the crown area and look to prevent their prisoners. Steal, Dodge, run and run!

Download Game Gangster Theft & Escape v1.0 APK

Gangster Theft & Escape Apk - Free Download Android Game

Gangster Theft & Escape Apk - Free Download Android Game
Theft and escape of the gangster story: William is a member of the underground bandit group known for the big robbery and theft incidents in England. William received a new task group leader, where he has a kidnapping queen’s crown, which has already moved to another city. The first task is that the aircraft government steal the necessary equipment, as well as information switching to the Crown website. After taking the place of order, William had to leave the plane and land on the train where the crown jumping, placed a high level of security. Remove the safety, you steal the crown, you will help your friends, should be avoided. The city is full of thieves, robbing it will be fun. Prove the brave new blood of blood forces. Are you planning a big robbery, and then the fastest exit security will meet their gang leader. The game as thug gangster and some crazy mission to steal the crown and fighting a lot of gangsters. England crime comes in the hands of the police control city and the Grand Course wars part of everyday life. Connect the deadly world to the streets of England and treat the fields in a low level. Rush and discover, get information on important opportunities. Even seasoned policemen and get out of a dangerous place. Grab your guns, shoot police cars and walk away from the hostile situation. Enjoy a criminal game fun!
Game Android Thief & Gangster Escape Features:
√ Realistic Tricks
√ immersive gameplay
√ Simple and easy operation
√ Shooting, hunting and game action
√ Visually stunning 3D environment
√ Cop adventure Missions against robbers chase
√ Rush the tomb and steal the crown as a gangster
√ Use weapon in robbery, violent assault and murder

If you want to make a suggestion that Gangster Theft & Escape Android Game be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Gangster Theft & Escape Android Game so that Game developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your Game Gangster Theft & Escape Application Android directly.
Gangster Theft & Escape Apk - Free Download Android Game

System Requirement Gangster Theft & Escape Games:
Android Version  = 2.3 And Up (ARMV7)
Size                        = 65 MB
Game Type           = HD Action Offline
Rating                    = 16+
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