How To Protect Your Android From Viruses

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How to Protect Android From Viruses Without Antivirus – Before Fix the problem better prevent Android from harmful viruses that cause many losses. Prevention does not have to cost and is also very easy than to overcome where android is already exposed to the virus so that may cost to repair. Here are Tips to Prevent Virus-Exposed Android :
How To Protect Your Android From Viruses

1. Install App Through Trusted Source

Install apps through trusted Sites like Play Store that already protect users to avoid Viruses. Although the Play Store very safe  to install applications still have canche threaten users from not detected viruses but it will be better than Download through a site which not yet trusted.

2. Use the Internet Safely

Visiting Trusted Websites will further enhance the security of Android devices. Because not a few sites that display ads without responsibility can display products that may have harmful Virus for Smartphone or Laptop. Many sites also mislead users with brutal ads that lead to malicious sites.

3. Be More Careful

Examine very important for you when going to install the application, read all the approvals that usually appear when the user will do the Installation, Mainly install via Unknown app source (Not from the Play Store). Do not be unaware while reading, you may agree to do another installation that is actually an ad from the main application. Then the ad app will carry other ads as well as the well-known adware functionality is more disturbing than usefull for user.

4. Install AntiVirus

By installing Antivvirus in Smatphone then when device accidentally installing some app that have Virus will be foiled automatically. As well as other data files will also be Scan and detected whether the file has potential Viruses that may be harmful to both Android and PC if the file will sharedto other device.
Generally Virus on android caused Because Adware is a program that primarily serves ads to users. These ads are basically harmless as malware on the computer, which obviously usually is forcing the user to use the product of the ad. Although adware is not so dangerous from malware or spyware but smartphone users should remain cautious, it could be an irresponsible advertiser utilizing adware as a means to enter harmful viruses on user device.

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