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InTrain Simulator Indonesia is a Game android with high quality train simulation Android games from stable cultured Interactive, creator apk is from developer “Euro Train Simulator” and the path-breaking mega-successful team.
Free Download Train Game For Android
Indonesian Train Simulator apk has a “Track Change” and its fully very functional “Signalling System”. This game offers a self-train, environment where trains coexist and you can operate like in the real of The world. Dynamic with track-changing and a sophisticated path with a selection system enables alls the AI ​​train to work smarter without step on the each other lane. Since the player will now depend entirely on the signal and lane changing with switches, the path them will be take be among one a series of exponential possibilitie. This means they can find with themselves stop trains them on one platform are available at each station.
“Drive” – ​​where players can design scenarios for their preferences
“Play Now” – the user will immediately start the simulation together with random preferences
“Career” – has a unique mission designed


Free Download Indonesian Train Simulator Android Game


  1. Track Changes: A song that change function has been implemented fully realized, for the very first time in the simulator mobile cart.
  2. Signal: Train Sim Indonesia using a signal system that is fully very functional. While waiting for the signals to turn be green, the player will able to see where the other trains is current occupying them way.
  3. Message System in place with notify users of any activity that happens in the game, offering advice when deemed in necessary for information about penalties and bonuses. Categories Speed Train, Station way, Track Switching, Route, Signal.
  4. Some of the weather and also time option.
  5. Passengers with a Special attention was given to make the passengers which looked and dress more like Indonesia.
  6. Stations: Station is designed to captures the feel of the being in every train station Indonesia. From kiosks to billboards, extreme attention to detail.
  7. Type locomotives: Train GE U18C, Train GE U20C, Train GE CC206
  8. Type Coach: Passenger and Cargo coach
  9. The sound design have carefully guarding the hustle and bustle of modern Indonesia on mind. Train sounds the best on the class.
  10. Camera angle with some, interesting camera angles have been provided with Driver Train, Cabin Train, Overhead Train, Birds Eye Train, Reverse Signal Train, Orbit and the Passenger.
  11. Simple quality Animation graphics with The level of graphics has been pushed on a new level and anyone familiar with the route Indonesia will tell you how realistic design.
  12. Stations Available: Gambir City, Karawang City, Purwakarta City, Bandung City.
We already have a lot of new features are planned for future updates themselves, You can ask a new menu with your like game to more improve this game be the best for you and for all. Wait until team respon it and give it to you.
If you find a bug or a glitch on this game please contact the game provide to get a solution to fix it then you can play normaly on your android device, or developer can update and fix it for you to enjoy play. thanks you fella


Game Train Simulator for Android Download


Free Download Game Android Indonesian Train Simulator apk

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