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iNoty – iNotify OS 10 APK By VAKO Studio (net.inotify.inotyos10) Here 10 – What then is to use a version of the Android phone, if you want to use the functions of the operating system 9.What 10 OS? 6c to buy the phone or can not be, but the style OS10 you want to do? Would you like inotify Android phone OS to OS 10 of 10, sort of? Do you want to open your theme OS 10?
You want, and device data using your Android style OS 10, but that does not mean it’s better iNoty app for the Android operating system? This application is the best for you. This free software better data and Android OS10. INoty through the app, your data research and information center in the middle of the cold OS10 OS 10, and but Android Phone
INoty style is the perfect combination of inoty OS 10 (10 faucibus tincidunt elit information, iLauncher, control panel, dashboard) ICONtrol (Control Panel Phone OS 10 theme). And, as it Inoty OS10. You can control everything and in all things, a new type of phone activation system 10 INoty above, some evidence, Phone, this sleek design iLauncher, Inotify, Control Panel, Control Center will give you a new experience.

iNoty - iNotify OS 10 DownloadiNoty - iNotify OS 10 App

Features iNoty – iNotify OS 10 App :
  • Notification Center alerts you have OS10 show a similar style.
  • Data and information display.
  • Knowledge of the custom bar, the operating system is OS 10 10 INoty style.
  • Blur Background Wallpaper HD
  • inoty introduce new information (name, icons …)
  • Diplay the date (day, month, year mode)
  • Calendar view, brand awareness inot Event
  • Screen Lock support information OS10
  • Support panel, and an intelligent control system 10
  • Customize the information you want to sample 10 Inotify
  • Customize OS10 inoty
  • Modesty Show diplay, and the percentage of the battery, connect to the network ….
  • Full Version INoty (children)
  • INoty – inotify OS 10 will begin to put you always in memory of these things, see the Events tomorrow, and tomorrow they can do.
  • Inot 24 and 12-hour format.
  • Theme OS 10 is better, and it looks fine.
  • Rating agency miracle, and look through the OS WiFi Report 10
  • Warning Information Center data show the iPhone 7.
  • Show the percentage of battery life, date, time, carrier.
  • Blurring background, simple design of the apartment.
  • But moderate power.
  • INoty – Installation at Inotify 10 Support for OS / off Wi-Fi data, mobile, Bluetooth, flash of light, orientation, control panel, control center
  • And fingers, Slide to unlock information, check the daily.
  • Scroll to the right or to the left, part of the finger is placed against your data go to calendar events, and more tomorrow, features, …
  • Data and information display.
  • Transfer data connection
  • Turn the intention shoe image
  • To switch to / from the torch
  • Flight mode selector
  • Switching silent mode,
  • Bluetooth Change
  • Paper ICONtrol iNoty – iPhone inotify 7:
  • Change your Wi-Fi
Use Inotify OS 10:
– On / Off 10 Ios INoty Style
– Turn Inotify 10 symbols.
– Use your application.
I thank you, and shall I dare !!!
We see attitude.
If you want to make a suggestion that iNoty – iNotify OS 10 Android applications be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in iNoty – iNotify OS 10 Android applications so that application developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your application iNoty – iNotify OS 10 directly.

iNoty - iNotify OS 10 Download

Specifications iNoty – iNotify OS 10 Applications:
Android                = Version 4.1 and Higher
Size                        = 3 MB
Application Type = Tools Manager
Free Download Android iNoty – iNotify OS 10 Apk
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