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MyDeviceLock Biometric Applock APK By Neurologix Security Group Inc. 
(com.neurologix.mydevicelock) – MiDeviceLock – Protection Application AppLock is an all-in-one mobile security and privacy on their smartphone or tablet; Aunt any application on the device. Download the latest version and learn more locking system AppLock * than any other version of the Google Play solutions for the security market, including the creation of biometric locks. * Give blocking miDeviceLock applications If you are a student, parent or work, the Mobile Security application on what you do or wherever you go.

Download MyDeviceLock Biometric Applock AppDownload MyDeviceLock Biometric Applock Apk

ADS AppLock Free β˜…
β˜… full functioning of the security room
β˜… steps to block every other room
Customizable security policy includes the fingers.
Safety Neurologik developed – R & D team; miDeviceLock based on the latest biometric technology, which provides unprecedented protection. App shows the algorithm for signature verification, which won.
5 finalists to meet the challenges to global security
  1. Five types of locks Signature PIN, password,
  2. Fingerprint Lock (for Zephyr + 6.0)
  3. AppLock secure verification of biometric signature
  4. Photo and video storage Protection – INT
  5. And the internal memory
  6. advanced system of protection against password guessing
  7. simple application to block quick navigation interface
  8. Easy to use
  9. level of security and flexibility mobile screen
  10. Removal One-Touch Easy
Your privacy is starting to come back here: Download
Simple – safe: When you receive an e-mail, bank, store, and share photos and videos on the phone, and the remaining 100% online security guarantee and offline. Android allows users to protect their own data miDeviceLock using the latest technology to block the application Mobile Security and privacy.
Security Tool Mobile Forte: This will protect the personal data in real time – including phone calls, options, email, photo and video gallery, SMS, social networking applications, instant messenger, pop-ups and other things. Mobile Security is the way you want – just set and forget.
AppLock flexible: two forms of security applications, as well as the quality of care you want or need. Smart, intuitive miDeviceLock, giving users full control over the security of their mobile devices and applications in the lock manager for Android.
1. Download miDeviceLock first AppLock
2. Look holds explain the basics
3. At least a third 4-digit PIN code input in case of emergency
4. Find an ideal environment for the blocking techniques, such as the signature
Check – easy, fast and safe
5. Navigate to the lock manager and determine which applications you want to protect
6. Set the locking applications, DIY, why πŸ™‚
7. Enjoy your new mobile security, please let us know if we can
Help. Always be careful when it comes to data protection
In an emergency, you’re never far from closing the application, just use a needle or the red emergency lifeline in the upper right corner.

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MyDeviceLock Biometric Applock Download

Specifications MyDeviceLock Biometric Applock Applications:
Android                = Version 4.1 and Higher
Size                        = 22 MB
Application Type = Tools Mobile Security

Free Download Android MyDeviceLock Biometric Applock Apk
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