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Never Gone APK + Data Obb – Game hack n slash with dark shades of darkness is very cool. Reminds me of a popular game console series with Castlevania title. This game has a very good graphics even in 2D graphics. With the movement of animation that feels smooth makes me very comfortable play it. Moreover, the main character design also looks very cool and cool.

Download Game Never Gone Apk + Obb Data
Never Gone MOD Apk – Unlimited/Infinite Diamonds

Never Gone Apk Data Obb - Free Download Android Game
Never Gone Apk Data Obb - Free Download Android Game
Never Gone Apk Data Obb - Free Download Android Game
In this game available 2 choices of characters that can select player when the game first started. One male character with a crescent moon named Dawn and a female character with a triangular symbol named Higgs. Perhaps in addition to the gender differences of the two, these two characters may also have their respective advantages and disadvantages. I guessed, because I just plainly played the guy. And I feel pity to start from scratch by trying the only character that girl hehehe.
Dark feel dominates this game since the first game played. Controls like other hack n slash games, may be easy to understand by the player in general. Different cuman existence of combo system embedded in it, like a game hack n slash era Arcade and console. But quietly, pressing the action button continuouslypun character will display a very cool and deadly attack. But if the player wants to issue a different movement and not monotonous, the player can try some cool combo with a combination of buttons that players can see in the combo list menu. Number of enemies, making the gameplay in this game more cool.
In addition to the above, there are also special attacks in this game. Which player can remove, when the meter is located on the top left of the screen at the bottom of the full order. Player can issue a special attack with a simple combination of two buttons A and C. Special attack meter will be filled when the player does a combo or attack on the enemy.
The feature that is no less cool is the equipment system, a feature that makes this game look so complex. In this game the character can change weapons, body armor, legs, and so forth. There is even a feature to forge weapons in black smith, by collecting some material during the mission first. When the player is bored with the main character display is also in provide some costume options, which will change the appearance of the main character to look different. Not only that, some costumes will also provide an improved status on the characters.

If you want to make a suggestion that Never Gone Android Game be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Never Gone Android Game so that Game developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your Game Never Gone Application Android directly.
Never Gone Apk Data Obb - Free Download Android Game

System Requirement Never Gone Games:
Android Version  = 2.3 And Up
Size                        = 30 MB (Apk File) + 585 MB (Data Obb)
Game Type           = HD Adventure Action RPG Offline
Rating                    = 12+
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Never Gone MOD Information!!!
Mod is unlimited diamond. At the beginning of the game starts the diamond will show the number 100, and as if the game is not thermody. But the mod will be active if the player makes purchases in the store for items with prices below 100. Then the diamond which originally 100 will actually grow to 25250k, and will not decrease even if the player buys anything.
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