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Free Download PixelField Android
Game Android PixelField Free Download

Pixel Field Apk Data , is android game with the kind of game the game created by Epic Star. This game is a FPS game with a sensation of Action game. Walpun This game belongs to the category of HD but the design on animated pictures were made seminimalis order to facilitate the android game players can install this application.

As the name of the game from the stands Pixel Pixelfield namely by promoting character and picture of the game similar shaped like Lego where animation are like boxes that will give you the sensation of 3D 2D game that is amazing. Coupled with a variety of effects on the animation that makes the game more realistic. The result of the explosion of the weapons in the game will make you more interested to try this one game. The sound effects in the game are also no less powerful, made to players can be entered into this android game.
How to play the game android apk Pixelfield quite easy and simple, because the game is categorized by additional Action FPS game like this in general rely more on physical and strength in character. Not too hard like a strategy game that requires a stronger mind to be able to win the game android. Aiming shoot and attack the enemy with your forces joined defeat all the enemies that will challenge you in playing this Android game.
Characters in this game will be more likely to look like a robot you run as the main character in this Android game. In addition to the robot characters in this game there are also several types of monsters that you will encounter.
3D FPS game with Lego characters to play with courage defeat all enemies and tantanggan there. How to play extremely easy enough to shoot and move the character. To get to the battle arena, select weapons Faforitm of various weapons provided. Challenge other players to beat you in battle. Catch and collect all the pigs. Boss fight with all the forces and players to get a unique gift.
Increase the power of the weapon by using a variety of items that have been obtained. Fight in the arena to destroy the enemy’s stronghold. There are special items that players can become stronger, faster and able to jump higher. Costume design on your character came to have a cool view and superior to other players. Add a level to the character to be more powerful and easier to defeat the enemies there.

Android Game Pixefield Features:
– There are various types of weapons (50), and you can change the look warnannya (200)
– There are more than 60 costumes for characters
– There’s 10 Arena to be completed in adventure mode
– Audio effects on music will add to the sensation in this game
– PvP between players in multiplayer mode
– Defeat the boss with the existing joint forces
– Play the adventure mode to deal with the armed forces as well as zombies manakutkan
– To increase the power of the weapons characters

PixelField Apk Data

Specifications Game Pixelfield Android :
Android = Version 4.0.3 and Higher
Size = 138 MB (Apk + Data)
Game type = FPS Offline

Free Download Android PixelField Apk Data
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