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Police Secret Agent Crime Gang APK by Vital Games Production
(com.vg.police.secret.agent.crime.gang) – The one who receives a hell beneath the chariot of the Mafia groups in the city, the road to the south of Miami. Mafia hitmen weight of the firearm. Just call the police undercover detective in regard to a criminal action, in meters. This requires the destruction of the mafia, terrorists and spies. secret spy and shooting shooting game of the Mafia and criminal activities in recent seizure Details of mind. Maximum duty is to assist police officers in New York City Subway stations rescue mission saragana mafia able to exclude. Mafia and saragana Eroica subway is very tight. The design of the validity of the Miami metro station pumping machine. Metro station can be in the structure and on the rescue mission saragana mafia and under the earth. Saragana the place, the city of light killeth the poor to take care of them until their hostages and rescue mission. Wash that which is at the entrance of the subway, in the field to protect and save them to the machine is a fool, the hostages of a tourist cabin. The administration of the company, an inherent characteristic of a challenge in the forest, a control room, at last, die in front of the rear barrier augue bibendum tincidunt Militants with passion. It is a crime in the city of God, do not destroy the crime of Mafia.

Games Police Secret Agent Crime Gang App

Games Police Secret Agent Crime Gang Apk

Let us seek to strike a criminal mafia gang wars, and cut off the road and died in hiding sad. Unknown armed police mission in the context of specific groups of game killed or hot growth. Information on the topics taught devils, working behind the scenes to steal. It is not the criminal the goalkeeper into the world, so as to shoot to kill, and the effect that under the shadow of it. Kite Silencer armed to kill, target shooting machine guns, and sniper rifle.
Goes to the criminal police in the rescue mission and the secrets of the city, and their enemy, and he planted a bomb in the security clearance or be given in the a watchman to the service of evil. He was also a mighty man, and a sneak attack mafia hell. According to him, attack the opponent as military forces and special police light combat group of Russian agents. Flee, flee, and do not shoot the soldiers of crimes. In the creep, at sagittis murderer of your master the information.
Criminal latest game Gang condition of unknown Features :
  • The latest challenge Mission Secret Agent
  • racing, shooting, criminals fled, stealth mode Master
  • fear of pain to eliminate the city
  • 15 exciting and challenging missions
  • However, the first time the person of the Emperor of the game,
  • the outcome of the war, and captured and tumor
  • efforts to eliminate the militants planted a bomb in the subway
  • weapons, and the rod is clear headshots
  • wonderful nature center, and 3D…
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Games Police Secret Agent Crime Gang Download

System Requirement Police Secret Agent Crime Gang Games:
Android Version  = 4.1 And Up
Size                        = 42 MB
Game Type           = Low HD Actions Offline
Rating                    = 16+
Free Download Android Police Secret Agent Crime Gang App
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