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Good news for you all, now our site FullApkZ.Com open an opportunity to those of you who want to Advertise or Promote Products on the internet in our site with very affordable cost. FullApkZ is an Android Game Application information Website and a variety of tutorials android like Custom ROM, Root Android, Android Device Improvements as well as Android Flash for exchanging information and HELPING VISITORS search for content required . Read more about FullApkZ …..

Slot Ads:

No. Ads Size (Px) Price(USD)/ Month Ads Placement Viewable Status
1. 720 x 90 10 $ Top Area [Header] All Pages [No Mobile] Available
2. 300 x 250 15 $ Top Sidebar All Pages Available
3. 300 x 250 12 $ Below Sidebar All Pages Available
4. 300 x 600 18 $ Floating Sidebar [Tab] All Pages Available
5. 720 x 90 18 $ Above Post All Pages Reserved
6. Auto 13 $ Bellow Post All Pages Reserved
7. Auto 15 $ Inside Article [Top] All Pages Reserved
8. Auto 15 $ Inside Article [Mid] All Pages Reserved
9. Auto 15 $ Inside Article [Bottom] All Pages Reserved

Discount :

  • Ads Slot 1 : Right Top Header Area (Only viewable in PC) – 1 Year 120$ > $60
  • Ads Slot 2 : Top Sidebar (Viewable in PC & Mobile) – 1 Year 180$ > $130
  • Ads Slot 3 : Bellow / Bottom Sidebar (Viewable in PC & Mobile) – 1 Year 144$ > $100
  • Ads Slot 4 : Floating/Sticky Sidebar [Tab Sidebar Area] (PC & Mobile) – 1 Year 216$ > $180

What benefits will you get if advertising on this site? Read the description below, then you will know that choosing to advertise on our temapt will greatly benefit you.

  • 50% of visitors come from the country of Indonesia which if you have a target market people of Indonesia, advertising on our site to be the right decision. Indonesia is country number 8 biggest smartphone user [54,494,000] in the world. You can see list of countries by smartphone penetration 2017 in wikipedia.
  • The responsive site design allows it to be opened by smartphone mobile users such as Android, your Ads will be visible to visitors who use the smartphone to access this site.
  • The age of visitors to our site ranges from 17-30 years, its mean whatever the theme of your site, not a problem, because our site visitors are made up of various ages.
  • Visitors of our site the majority are young people (70.50%) with various professions and backgrounds. Young people become best target market if the site you are advertising is an online store that sells fashion, gadgets and other stuff.
  • This site also Published on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Weebly.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The FullApkZ site Does Not Accept Ads containing Gamb*ing, por*ographic, hatred, and unlawful elements applicable in Indonesia.
  • The FullApkZ site is not responsible for any content that is Publish by advertiser. Ads content is entirely the responsibility of the advertiser.
  • No refunds after the advertising agreement is made.
  • There is no guarantee that your ads will be much clicked by visitors to this site.
  • Terms and prices for banner ads of other sizes and heavy animated types (gif, flash, etc.) are discussed later after the advertiser contacts.
  • Banner ads are displayed no later than 1×24 hours after payment of space banner contract.
  • We, Admin FullApkZ reserve the right to refuse the creative if it feels detrimental to the site
  • The above prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice [The cost of ad serving remains the same if the advertiser is using an annual viewing package].

To perform advertising on this blog as well as information on payment methods please contact the Admin FullApkZ .