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FullApkZ is also a project dedicated towards the preservation and archival of video games. We only share Free Game or there are some game versions present on the site are already out of production and are no longer available in the primary market. Without a service like this, many of the titles available here would be lost and forgotten.

By downloading or emulating ANY titles from this website you are agreeing to the following:
  • You are responsible for checking your local laws regarding the use of this site
  • You are authorized to / own a license to use any file you download or emulate
  • You will not distribute any of these files without the appropriate permissions
  • These files are hosted for archival purposes on a best effort basis and we do not guarantee any level of quality as far as emulation is concerned.

Removal Notices & DMCA Information

If you own the copyrights to a title hosted on FullApkZ and would like to request removal please note that we process all correct and complete removal requests within 7 working days.

To request removal of data, please send a removal request to Contact Us In your request, please make sure you identify the work, the URL of the page where it appears, your contact information, and your electronic or physical signature. Please note that you must own or represent the copyrights pertaining to the request. You will receive a confirmation once your request has been processed.