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Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm APK By (com.ebizzinfotech.fullbatteryandunpluggedalarm) Android App Master – Mobile use is so long, that we have used in all aspects, including the conversation, search, communities, GPS, etc .. For this, we need to get to the phone, if we are connected to a cable or a variety of sources, and the current bank. Low battery is especially a problem when the phone unattended while charging, because of our busy schedules. So, we do not know our phone when the battery is nearly empty or excessively loaded (> 100%).
The main reason for the battery problem is not only damage the battery, but also affect the life of the smartphone. If a program that will help you catch the problems, such as low battery, charge, charging time trailer, etc .. should be used. Full battery and signal Unplugged made to overcome this problem is easy to live with, this app works as a power-saving mode. In addition, you can also use your phone alarm Unplugged unattended while charging. There are alarm clock App Unplugged battery is fully charged, and a simple interface that you can easily customize its features.

Download Android Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm App

Android Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm App

Android Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm Apk
Check out some of the interesting features of this app
Low battery alarm
Watch for warning when the phone is fully charged battery is damaged.
All Free
Yes! All features are completely free, without any additional charges / hidden.
Favorite Alarm Rings
You can watch your phone battery alert that you selected, so that it does not contradict the phone ringtones.
Ring / Vibration
Select the type of alarm reset request for convenience.
Battery Selection %
You can select the percentage you want to get a warning message.
Select Term
When the phone is fully charged, you can set an alarm to alert you want.
Temperature Monitoring Your Phone
You can check the actual temperature ➺ your smartphone so much heat.
Battery Health / Temperature.
To get an idea of ​​the current capacity of the battery, temperature, and overcome any damage.
Loading and Unloading
Get update “full charge time required,” and “time of battery working” there.
Turn Off The Alarm Clock
With this option, a warning alarm phone automatically starts when a person disconnect the phone from the charging socket. This password you just stop.
The fact, “Our smartphones battery is damaged, or less constantly busy.” But now, you can easily cope with this problem the young intellectual is a very useful program, called “full battery and signal Unplugged”. This app will tell you when the battery is fully charged, when she hung up before he reached the mature flashes her ring, vibrate and light. Other features and functions, you can select your favorite ringtone alarm. Yes! It will automatically warn you when the battery is fully charged. You can choose the level of the battery and adjustments.

If you want to make a suggestion that Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm Android applications be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm Android applications so that application developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your application Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm directly.
Application Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm Download

Specifications Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm Applications:
Android                = Version 4.0.3 and Higher
Size                        = 6 MB
Application Type = System Tools
Free Download Android Full Battery & Unplugged Alarm Apk
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