How To Block All Ads On Android Mobile – Newest Way

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How To Block All Kinds Ads In Android Mobile (SmartPhone) Browser – Sometime Ads is a very annoying for Internet users, but that’s how owner site sometimes the get income earned from. They also have a life that must use the cost in everyday to eat and for maintenance server website. Maybe banner ads do not annoying you, what about Redirect ads like those commonly found on the Download Site, it will definitely make the user annoyed for not getting the file to be Download, some of them instead directed to Fake Virus Alert Website On Android site plus a very disturbing vibration.
How To Block All Ads On Android Mobile - Newest Way

Use Adblock on Browsers may be usefull but always remember, it is not wise if you use Adblock on all sites. Be sure to only use Adblock on Brute Sites in displaying too many ads. Considering not all bloggers (Admin Website) are bad and many bloggers should pay for website server, time and Internet connection to give free content to you. But imagine if everyone using Adblock then from where bloggers are able to cover the cost to rent Server and others. Of course before using the tips below make sure you will use this tips and technique only for brutal Sites in displaying Ads.

How To Block All Ads On Android Easy Way :

1. Block Banner Ads Android : Text Ads, Image Banner, Video Ads (Flying Ads)

Block Banner Ads Android : Text Ads, Image Banner, Video Ads
Banner Ads
Advertise Text, Banner Image and Video this type of ads actually quite friendly, active by itself every time you open the page on the site. But it would be very annoying when the site owner makes this type of ad floating and can not be in Close. So disrupt visitors to use the content located on the site.
How to DISABLE with floating ads is quite easy, quickly and practically on Android is to use Browsers that have Adblock like UC Browser, UC Mini, Opera Mini, FireFox Rocket, and others.

2. How To Prevent Popup Ads on SmartPhone

How To Prevent Popup Ads on SmartPhone
Pop Up Ads
Overcoming and Preventing PopUp Ads On Android Mobile Browser this advertisement is also quite annoying, besides making the internet connection to be slow because it must load the ad site Android will also experience Lag (Slow) because opening a new tab will increase RAM usage, so the use of RAM to be ineffective as it should be . Pop up Ads will usually appear if you do touch / click on the site, The JavaScrip ads work wherever you do touch / click will popup 1 to 2 times.
How to Overcome PopUp ads is almost the same as ward off banner image ads on Android is by using Browsers that have Adblock features. Adblock will detect the ad site url and will block it from loading in your Browser. I strongly recommend using FireFox Rocket Apk because this Browser only has 1 Tab, where PopUp ads have no chance to be able to display new page unbeknownst to you. In addition FireFox Rocket App also has a low size only 2 MB Apk, which is very fitting in Install on Android with a low specification smartphone. Very powerful to ward off and Disable PopUp ads but the weakness can be affected by Redirect ads (Page Redirects). The most powerful application against this type of ad is Opera Mini because this one Browser not only blocks or Blocks ad source, but also prevents JavaScript that will make active ads to death.

3. Redirect Ads (Redirects Url Link)

Fake Android Malware Virus Ads Mobile
Fake Android Malware Virus Ads
Trick to Block Redirect Ads is actually similar to PopUp ads where Ads will appear by itself. The difference redirect advertisement will brings users directly to an advertisement Page that typically  show a Fake Android Malware Virus to make users to install an app that advertisers want.
The most powerful application against this type of ad is Opera Mini because this one Browser not only Blocks ad source, but also prevents JavaScript keeps active and set it to death. The lack of this type of browser can not optimally load pages that use JavaScript, for example on the Download Page that uses CountDown Time to allow page access able. Sometimes also can not load sites that have an iframe, as the gif image will not work in Opera Mini.

Alternative way :

Besides using Browser Adblock you can Disable JavaScrip if that android Browser have that features, so many Ads use JavaScript so you can Disable it in annoying site thats to much show ads.


That Tips and Trick are some of the most powerful and simple techniques to block ads. Always use wisely that way, please do not use on clean sites that are not brutal in displaying ads. The reason why Site Download has many ads is because the cost of Server and Site Management is more expensive than other Blog / Website. Just imagine the Server used must be active and fast to be used by Public, of course it will take a lot of resources both electricity, server systems are large and fast and also Internet data is not limited to use free by us.

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