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How to Pass Safelink ,- For you who like to download files on the internet data file usually like free music, free video, Android Applications, Computer Software, etc. Sometimes there are some website from someone who want earn money by displaying a ads to get the download link. Probably most visitors would get irritated with all of that, but it was called a mutual benefit. You get a download link to get Data File you wanted and website owners earn money from the ads that you see, and hope that you see ads helpful and useful for you.


Some of Publisher set a safelink on his Download Url to scan that file clean from Virus and also display ads that will make visitor interisted from ads that displayed on the safelink. But some visitor get confused when searching the download link. Here’s how to Passing Safelink Download File Converter:


1. Click the Download link that has been provided by the website. Do not mistakenly click on the ads, usually many internet user deceived website clicking on the ads displayed.


Download Data in Website


2. When you get to the Safelink Converter page, then usually you will be asked to wait a few seconds until it says “Get Link”. Click (select) “Get Link”, then you will be redirected url Download Link.
How To Download In Safelink


3. This Page menu contains download links and more ads, just click the download link url in the middle, it will automatically pop up multiple windows, usually one page and one page advertisement Link Download Data File that you wanted.
Download From Safelink Converter


4. If you have to link the download, then you can directly download it. For some server download as Ziddu, Tusfiles, etc. ‘usually there are more advertisements that compel visitors to click multiple times until the download link is free of advertising and can be downloaded directly.


Download Apk


That tutorial how to download it by passing Safelink converter. For those of you who struggle to pass Safelink download you can leave a comment below this post. Keep in mind sometimes uncertain way through it could change if there is an update in Safelink and download server hosting attach a file that you download. Primarily, you must be observant and to be careful to distinguish which ad and where the download link. You also need to be patient if sometimes the download link enclosed by a lot of ads that are hidden by the hosting provider’s server downloads the data file.


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