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Ark of the war is the latest online strategy game set by seven pirates team.
Enter the association of your country, it will compete with the world of players to become the ruler of the universe!
You have now, if you download the game, and the continuing flow, will be the first to receive $ 10 in order to strengthen the new players!
Sails, was built, I was conquered!

Download Game Android Bahtera Dari Perang apk

Ark of War apk Free Download Game
With the expansion of the population, and the country becomes busy. The entire galaxy, Tomer new battleground between human civilizations beyond Earth. But is regulated by the federal government of the empire. Galaxy is still in power. Star Tekkman, aliens with you, manage your own box of a place, fighting for the restoration of habitat and order, to create a formidable fleet to cope government and the former Soviet Union empire.

Mighty Space Cases
– To build the largest palace in the closet.
– Use a probe into battle any way you see fit to request.
– Struggle carrier while moving your ship, you attack your enemies.

Galaxy ultimate military power
– Powerful improve, upgrade your ship to change his appearance.
– Collection, a man equipped wonderful space ship commander, opened.
– Your power is defined in Infantries, call and spacecraft.

MMO strategy game
– The words Ark hundred Soviet launch a large-scale war, in real time.
– Recording real-time chat translation tie the players and regions all over the world.
– To control and dominate the earth, to control. We used diplomacy to build your world order.
– Will be traded merchant area of ​​equipment and resources with other players in it.

System requirements:
It is as high as the Android version 4.0.3
Online (Internet connection required)

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Download Game Android Aplikasi Ark of War Game

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