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ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D APK By darkbarkSoftware (com.dbSoftware.arksievolve) – You have to find a large island full of dinosaurs. You need to find food, collect resources, to create weapons, tools and armor. Thirst and hunger to feel pain alone. You’re almost crazy, what do you care about your pet Dino. A dinosaur is all yolup. But the first attempt to tame a dinosaur.

Download Game ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D v1.02 APK 

ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D Apk - Free Download Android Game
Heavy rains all over the world we once knew. Everything has changed. Nature has changed. Due to the character of the person to control. But nature won. Almost no one is the reason for survival. Find resources, weapons, tools and clothing. Management and construction and aggressive fighting lives. It’s not just carnivorous animals, dinosaurs.
I tried to swim away from the island. Rumor has it that heat and keep it full of food and resources. But the storm turned the boat. You wake up on a desert island. A hot sun and green gave hope of survival. They found the chest on the same beach. The adventure begins!
Discover wild nature. I got a big island in the open spaces of adventure. You can not build a shelter outside the body. Unlimited number of floors. Build a skyscraper, if you can. Some ship recipes are advanced, including the secret. A hundred recipes they learn about everything. Living and growing richer than his own. Sandbox genre safety island simulator. If you survive the game, then take care of safety in Iceland and Evolve is that you are looking for. Game Survive the island right now.
Tips survived
Start a trunk
Armor and weapons Craft fight in nature
For clothes and tools and crafts quickly and collect resources
You will not starve, gather whatever you can eat
Do not stay alone for a long time. Loneliness will make you mad. Dinosaurs instead.
Not silent. To develop themselves. Handling useful things.
Monitor your health
Note: multiplayer is still in development. Follow the news on our site. In addition, rust train and why you need one.

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System Requirement ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D Games:
Android Version  = 4.0 And Up
Size                        = 97 MB
Game Type           = Adventure Offline
Rating                    = 7+
Free Download Android ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D v1.02 App
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