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Press the big red button, APK destroy the world, take advantage of the destruction! You have many years to develop the technology to survive the total destruction of the earth’s surface to help survivors of the ruling savior, helper, room only option to ask for their great leader! Click again to expand and improve in deluxe rooms, click to build an underground shelter. Hole forces, they are placed, the more people and more money you make. When you click on large profits, we will continue to monitor the growth of no more trust!

Download Gratis Aplikasi Game Android Doomsday Clicker app

Doomsday Clicker Android Game
End clicker, before you destroy them all, filled with crazy characters to entertain you. This is the maximum of the game in the building and damage!

In clicker ultimately you can do the following things.
• Time bonus “” uninvited guests “,” Please come knocking at the door of the shelter hole
• Unique endlessly surprising discovery!
• Numeric I feel a great satisfaction when you keep increasing
• supercharger, production time is limited, please visit pelesat opportunity wheel production
• again and again to improve profitability destroy the world. From destroying the world, stand up again, each time you get more money!
• … met a lot of crazy characters, we look to them to mutate
• Wait to hear from us! More locations, enemies and characters that survived is that coming soon!

End clicker to play freely, but the game offers items for purchase in real money.

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System requirements:
Android version 4.0 and later
Offline (You do not need an internet connection)

Doomsday Clicker Android GameDoomsday Clicker Last Version

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