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Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo APK By TrimcoGames ( – It defines its own oil tanker. It’s hard work, you worked hard employees work offshore platform Pacific! Come aboard the tanker and offshore oil platforms in the Pacific move or use the Grand Cargo Helicopter! To fly around Mount Everest and a helicopter on your knowledge of the learning loop action, if you want. Fear is just an illusion cargo helicopter simulator, fantastic. Unlike oil tanker warship or other vessel, sailing is limited to emergency work is hard work!

Game Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo App

Game Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo Apk

Timeless nervous helicopter collision crash flying around Mount Everest Heli Game redeem these principles and avoid collision with the two platforms Heli maritime security in this crazy game! Skills training builds rigs limited anti-collision purchase of a helicopter simulator. Do not use the tool of the ship, but to use it as a vehicle hardworking. Completed a helicopter simulator collision of the current task and does not irritate the nervous wreck! In order to complete a spectacular free helicopter simulator manual control lever remarkably constant practice rescue helicopter flying game!
Game Android Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo Features:
✔ Everest is next? Pacific flight outfit!
✔ helicopter training platform for work safety!
✔ Timeless level collision avoidance Nerve Damage!
✔ practice your two illusion!
✔ Simulator Parker and nervous flying with excellent quality!
✔ level of the principles of supply ship, where you get real people!
✔ Free open 3D world map Pacific you!
✔ limited emergency mode of transportation in the game for you!
✔ mopeds and could soon be climbing the Hill fate furious game!

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Game Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo Download

System Requirement Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo Games:
Android Version  = 4.0 And Up
Size                        = 80 MB
Game Type           = HD Simulator Offline
Rating                    = 3+
Free Download Android Offshore Oil Helicopter Cargo App
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