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Spellfall™ – Puzzle Adventure Apk By (com.backflipstudios.android.wizardduelBackflip Studios, Inc. – Is a puzzle match game tiles with a unique touch of animation. The player will act as a magician who will defeat various monsters with his elemental spells. The outgoing spell will be based on the tiles to be matched by the player. Where the droplet image will represent the water element, the fire image will illustrate the fire element attack and so on. There will be 2 gouges of blood on the screen, which will decrease if the player is hit. Player wins if it succeeds in making the enemy blood gauge runs out.

Download Game Spellfall™ – Puzzle Adventure APK

Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Apk - Free Download Android Game
Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Apk - Free Download Android Game
Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Apk - Free Download Android Game
Along with the running progess, players will sometimes fight the enemy with a weakness of certain elements, which will further hurt the enemy if the player managed to spell spell or spell that became weakness. There are also special power that can be removed if the player managed to meet the energy gauge on the screen below. When I play, the gauge is only filled if I issue an attack with the leaf element, which if the gauge is collected then the player can issue a special attack that berelement toxic, where the enemy will continue to lose his HP in a few moments.
As I wrote above, the gameplay of this game is a puzzle match tile. That is a game with a game pattern in which the player will get the value if the player managed to arrange 3 or more a tile with the same image vertically and horizontally. In its development there will be some special tiles that will give a combo that is pretty cool later.

The player will undergo every chapter after chapter battle to meet with the enemy boss, which is of course more difficult. But before dealing with it, players can prepare themselves with various equipment and boost items to help the player during heavy battles against him. The early chapter is not a difficult chapter, and it may seem easy to go beyond because this chapter is entirely a tutorial. Can be told if the next chapter is when the game really started.

If you want to make a suggestion that Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Android Game be better and more smoothly to run android app please contact the developer to get a response back from the advice you give. You may also report a bug in Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Android Game so that Game developers will give suggestions and improvements and updates to your Game Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Application Android directly.
Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Apk - Free Download Android Game

System Requirement Spellfall Puzzle Adventure Games:
Android Version  = 2.3.3 And Up
Size                        = 48 MB
Game Type           = Puzzle Offline
Rating                    = 7+
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