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Spyware Definition, Example and How it Works – this time I will discuss about what spyware is, examples and how it works. Spyware has unique features and ways of working different from Malware and Adware. Spyware is a software that have one of function to monitor and spy the activity of internet users and then display many ads to netter.
Spyware Definition Computer Science Network
The term spyware was first known in 1995 by a founder of Gregor Feund times. Spyware was first discovered on Microsoft’s business model system. This program spies on Internet users to see the activities of the user. Spyware can also be used and exploited by the government to spy on acts committed by someone through the Cyber ​​world. Spyware function will be negative because it can also be used by someone to see and steal someone’s data so it can also be interpreted as Virus as Adware nowadays which has been widely abused so many people.

Explanation Spyware

So how user device infect by spyware? This spyware can infect user computer through some of the following activities :
  1. Accept and install freeware files that’s contain adware inside
  2. Installing fake anti spyware, that’s only give trouble to user
  3. Clicks Ad contain spyware script to site destination on the internet.
  4. Hacking by someone
If you already know how to spread, be careful in doing surfing activities on the internet and when installing freeware applications. Download the app on its official website, and do not forget to buy Trusted anti spyware apps to be protected by this spyware program.
The characteristics when the computer is infected with spyware are as follows.
  1. The computer feels slow, even when not running any application.
  2. Always pop-up ads when connected to the internet.
  3. The setting changes in the browser when the user does not feel changing the settings.
  4. There is an app that installs itself unnoticed.
  5. Spyware can send data to other computer users when the target computer is connected to the internet.
  6. Perpetrators can active user Laptop Cam and Sounds Recorder, watch your App activites such chat app and other to steal your data
  7. If who was spy your device have access to hack your device, then may he also send a malware to your device.
The characteristics when the computer is infected with spyware are as follows
mark zuckerberg covers laptop camera
There are many types of spyware that spread on the internet, here are examples of dangerous spyware when successfully infecting your computer.
  1. PC recorder
  2. Parental Control Software
  3. Detective Software
  4. Internet Monitoring Software
I also provide some websites that have spyware, namely: AOL Mail, Ziddu, Grissoft. That is some of the websites that have spywarenya, you better close the browser when you are directed to the website.
So, my explanation of what is spyware and its examples may be useful.

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