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Ular Tangga Raja apk, Snakes and ladders, game children played a very ancient legend. The gameplay is fun to play with your friends. Keluaraga invite you to play a game that will bring them all into laughter and full of happiness.

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Ular Tangga Raja apk, Remember the expression first of your friends while playing the game of snakes and ladders manually. This game teaches us to be patient achieve the goal. With a hopeful dice with a win then everyone will have the same expectations. Be a winner in the game Snakes and Ladders King apk and be the king of kings of all the players the game of snakes and ladders that exist in this world.
Jama has changed, and you can now meainkan ulartangga game with the Android Smartphone. Cool is not it? Game Snake ladder can also be played offline multiplayer with your friends via Wifi Hotspot.
If you want to submit a request to add Certain features of this Android game Snakes and Ladders King apk you can langung request Directly to the manufacturer or application developer Android game and get a response to your request. If you encounter any problems when using applications that menjanggal this Snakes and Ladders King Android game, you can also Directly contact the author of this application so that they can provide solutions for you to play games and Also get fixes and updates from the developer of this application ,
Features available in android game Snakes and Ladders King:
– Add Board Game by winning survical mode in the game Snakes and Ladders King
– Against Android that has been designed to provide a challenge for you
– Play Online connected with pseudo against players from around the world
– 4,3,2 Player who played Offline alone at home with friends
– Menagkan game of Snakes and Ladders King to score the highest scores
– Can also played in the Tablets


System Requirement :
Android Versi 2.3 dan Lebih Tinggi
Offline dan Online


Ular Tangga apk FreeUlar Tangga Raja Android Game


Download Game Android Snake Game (Ular Tangga Raja) apk

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